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When I'm too tired to use my brain power to study or work but too energized to take a long nap or binge watch sitcoms, I like using my downtime to tinker–create random things, explore different tools, read good articles, and build databases. This page contains a dump of musings, finds, quotes, and everything in between. Building since July 2021.

Random Creations

Chloe's Tool Box

Personal Productivity Discoveries



🌴 I usually tend to my mind here:

Random Creations


Chloe's Tool Box

As a productivity nerd, I love exploring the web for tools, techniques, and good reads. I also like trying out different things. I also tend to go to ProductHunt everyday lol. Here's a compilation of things I swear by.

Task & Time Management/ Productivity

Google Calendar

Apple Calendar

Things 3



Session: Pomodoro Focus Timer

Toggl: Time Tracker


Second Brain/ PKM



Browsers & Extensions

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